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Can A Felon Vote In Wyoming?

Can A Felon Vote In Wyoming?

Individuals convicted in Wyoming of a non-violent felony since January 2010 automatically have their rights restored after prison. Those convicted on a non-violent felony before 2010 or in another state can apply to the Wyoming Board of Parole to have their rights restored. All others must apply to the Governor for either a pardon or a restoration of rights after completing their sentence including probation and parole.

Felon Voting Rights Wyoming

he rights of first-time felons, who have committed non-violent crimes, are automatically restored five years after they have completed their sentences. This measures applies to felons who seek to regain their rights, beginning in 2016.
Otherwise, applications are required from felons who have completed their sentence for a first-time conviction of a non-violent nature prior to 2016. Applications are also required from people convicted of felonies outside the state or under federal law. Any person convicted of a violent crime or individuals who have had multiple felony convictions will have their votes revoked unless they are pardoned by the governor.

How Can A Felon in Wyoming Restore Their Voting Rights

A person convicted of a felony is not a qualified elector unless his rights are restored (W.S. § 6-10-106). For persons convicted of nonviolent felonies or a first-time offender, rights are restored automatically (W.S. § 7-13-105). Persons who do not meet the above qualifications must be pardoned (W.S. § 6-10-106).
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