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Can A Felon Vote In Arizona?

Can A Felon Vote In Arizona?

Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while in prison, on parole, or on probation. If convicted of only one felony, voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of all supervised release. However, if convicted of two or more felonies, the right to vote can only be restored through a judge or if pardoned.

Felon Voting Rights Arizona

Felons in Arizona who have been convicted of one felony can apply to have their voting rights reinstated after they have fulfilled the terms of their sentence, including the terms of their probation and parole and paid their legal obligations. However, felons who have been convicted of two or more felony crimes are barred temporarily from voting. In order to get their rights reinstated, they need to be pardoned or the rights need to be restored by a judge.

How Can A Felon in Arizona Restore Their Voting Rights

If you only had one Arizona felony your rights were restored upon completion of probation or absolute discharge from the Department of Corrections as long as all fines and restitution were paid. However, to ensure that the court informs the elections office that you are eligible to vote you should file an application to restore your civil liberties. Also, the court will not set aside a judgment of guilt without an application.
If you have two or more felonies in Arizona you may apply to restore your civil liberties upon completion of probation or two years from your absolute discharge as long as all your fines and restitution were paid.
If he has committed more than one felony, then restoring voter rights can be more difficult. In this case, the felon needs to petition the court to restore his voting privileges The petition is usually filed soon after the felon is released from probation. The petition must be made in the county of the sentencing.
A Certificate of Absolute Discharge must be submitted to the court for restoration of voting rights. It is up to a judge to grant or dismiss a petition. If multiple convictions are involved, separate filings must also be made. The law in Arizona mandates that the probation officer or court systems managing a felon’s probation make notification in writing for restoring a felon’s right to vote.
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