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Can A Felon Vote In Arkansas?

Can A Felon Vote In Arkansas?

Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while in prison, on parole, or on probation. Voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of all supervised release.

Felon Voting Rights Arkansas

Voting rights for felons are restored upon a felon’s completion of his sentence, including the serving of parole and probation. Under the law in Arkansas, failure to meet certain financial and legal obligations in connection with a conviction can result in barring the re-establishment of voting rights.

How Can A Felon in Arkansas Restore Their Voting Rights

One way a felon can restore his voting rights is by opting for expungement. Expungement in Arkansas allows a conviction record to be sealed, which treats an offense as if it had not happened. A felon whose record is sealed has all his civil liberties restored, including his voting rights.
Ineligibility for Expungement
However, the following records cannot be sealed in the state:
A sex offense in which a victim is under 18 years old.
A felony in which the individual spent time in the state’s Department of Corrections
A class A or B felony that is not a drug offense
A class Y felony
An unclassified felony where the felon served over 10 years
A violent crime

Eligibility for Expungement
A felon who is eligible for expungement can be on probation for a drug-related crime. This provision does not apply if you pled nolo contender or guilty to any of the following crimes –
Residential or commercial burglary
Breaking and entering
Four or more DWIs

Misdemeanor Cases Can also Be Expunged
Misdemeanor cases can also be expunged unless there is clear evidence why they should not be. This rule does not apply to negligent homicide (if it is a class A felony), third-degree battery, public sexual indecency, indecent exposure, fourth-degree sexual assault, third-degree domestic abuse or DWI. These crimes may be expunged after a 5-year period has passed after the completion of a sentence.

Probation Cases
Probation in relation to possession of a controlled substance and probation for first-time felons can also be expunged, provided you have not plead guilty of another controlled substance offense, received a fine over $3,500 or was sentenced to a correctional facility or prison. You can find out more about expungement by clicking on this link.
Other than expungement, felons can ask for a pardon to restore rights or may fill out the proper voter registration form along with their discharge paperwork.
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