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Can A Felon Vote In Hawaii?

Can A Felon Vote In Hawaii?

Individuals in prison for a felony conviction are ineligible to vote. Voting rights are automatically restored upon release from prison. People on parole or probation can vote.

Felon Voting Rights Hawaii

elons convicted of crime in federal or state courts cannot vote while they are incarcerated. Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor, however, can exert their right to vote. However, he or she must cast an absentee ballot.
Once a felon is released from incarceration, he has the right to vote automatically. However, he cannot exert his right until he registers or re-registers to vote. Pre-trial detainees who are incarcerated can vote, but, like people held for a misdemeanor crimes, must cast their vote by absentee ballot.

How Can A Felon in Hawaii Restore Their Voting Rights

If you are out of prison then all you need to do is register or reregister. When you finally vote, you do not have to include any special paperwork. If you don’t have identification, including photo ID, you just need to provide your residence address and date of birth.


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