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Can A Felon Vote In Indiana?

Can A Felon Vote In Indiana?

Individuals in prison for a felony conviction are ineligible to vote. Voting rights are automatically restored upon release from prison. People on parole or probation can vote.

Felon Voting Rights Indiana

Indiana automatically reinstates voting rights to felons who have completed their prison sentences. The right to vote is not barred to anyone serving probation or currently on parole. Felons who have been discharged from the prison system only need to register to vote.

How Can A Felon in Indiana Restore Their Voting Rights

Once your out of prison and your voting rights are restored, you will need to register to vote. You can register:
In order to facilitate the process or simplify it, registration is available online. The online application enables you to register to vote, change your name on your registration record or change your address on the application. In order to meet eligibility requirements, you must –
Be a US citizen
Be at least 18 years of age on the date of the next municipal, special or general election
Have resided in the electoral precinct for a minimum of 30 days before the date of the next municipal, special or general election (with the exception of certain voters in the military)
Not be in prison or currently convicted of a crime
To register to vote online in Indiana, applicants must also have photo identification in the form of a state identification card or driver’s license issued by the state. The state uses applicants’ signatures on file with the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMD) for the signature for their voter registration card.
If you do not have the aforementioned driver’s license or state ID, you can still register to vote by completing a voter registration application and sending it via the mail to the proper state election division or proper voter registration office. You may also register to vote in-person at the proper county registration office of state election division.
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