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Can A Felon Vote In Tennessee?

Can A Felon Vote In Tennessee?

Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while in prison, on parole, or on probation. Individuals convicted of a felony since 1981–except for some felonies such as murder, rape, treason and voter fraud–may apply to the Board of Probation and Parole to have their voting rights restored once their sentence is completed. People convicted of a felony between Jan. 15, 1973, and May 17, 1981, are eligible to register to vote regardless of the crime committed. People convicted before January 1973 are generally barred from voting.

Felon Voting Rights Tennessee

The law for disenfranchisement or the removal of rights can be complicated in Tennessee. Complete revocation of voting privileges is issued to some felons while electoral rights are restored to others. Certain felons who complete sentences who have paid all the necessary courts costs and restitution, who are up-to-date with child support, can re-register to vote. On the other hand, felons who have convictions for such crimes as bribery, murder or rape are permanently not permitted to vote. Unless the government can intervene and approve individual restoration of a person’s rights, the felon cannot vote for life.

How Can A Felon in Tennessee Restore Their Voting Rights

If you meet the above criteria as a felon, then here are the other requirements before you can register to vote:
You are eligible to vote in Tennessee if you:
Are at least 18 years old by Election Day
Are a resident of Tennessee
Are a U.S citizen
You must not have been convicted of a felony, or if you have, your voting rights must have been restored.
To register to vote in Tennessee you should provide:
Your Social Security Number
Voting In-Person
In Tennessee, you need to show a valid ID to vote. You can use any ID from this list:
Valid Federal Issued ID
Valid US Passport
Valid Tennessee Driver’s License
Valid ID Issued by the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security
Valid Military ID
License to Carry Concealed Weapon or Firearm
An expired ID is acceptable. Please check for complete information on acceptable voter ID.
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